Energy Consultant

We are committed to delivering environmentally-friendly, low-energy solutions for the built environment. We encourage promoters of new projects to consider the highest possible construction standards, ideally to Passive House Standards.

Such a decision will shortly no longer be an option but a requirement, given that the Government is committed to introducing Low Energy Buildings in the very near future, as a step towards a Low Carbon economy in the medium term. Furthermore, the Government is committed in the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan to achieving 20% energy use reduction by 2020.

Survey & Design - Energy ConsultantIt is estimated that achievement will require energy retrofitting of up to 1,000,000 buildings by 2020 – this would require a rate of retrofitting far in excess of the historical rate. This will undoubtedly be the primary focus of the residential construction sector over the next 8 years, rather than new-builds.

However, the previous practice of shallow energy retrofits will not be sufficient to deliver the required savings – greater breadth and depth of retrofitting will be required. This will necessitate a case-by-case feasibility study of the retrofitting potential of up to 1,000,000 homes by qualified experts. Survey & Design is ideally positioned to facilitate the required retrofitting revolution & intends to be at the forefront in the delivery of significant energy savings in the residential & commercial built environment.

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Whether you need support in technical or financial appraisal of a project, Survey & Design will be a valuable partner to you & your stakeholders.

Survey & Design - Energy Consultant

Energy Performance Contracting

Survey & Design has conducted extensive research in this area and endorses the Government commitment in this area to deliver funding mechanisms such as Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) as an alternative to traditional funding mechanisms which are currently incapable of facilitating the scope of work required. Survey & Design, in conjunction with its sister company Dovetail Management Solutions will be an advocate & participant in the pioneering of the EPC market in Ireland.


Survey & Design - Energy Consultant

Building Energy Rating

Survey & Design has been extremely active since 2008 in the Building Energy Rating market in both the Domestic & Non-Domestic sectors working for Retrofitting Contractors, Facility Managers, Auctioneers, Solicitors & private property owners. Survey & Design is also involved in carrying out Energy Audits with a view to identifying Energy Management Opportunities that will deliver savings for Clients.


Survey & Design - Energy Consultant

Guaranteed Savings

Survey & Design is interested in being retained on a Guaranteed Savings basis in appropriate circumstances. Survey & Design is also equipped to advise Clients on the technical & financial feasibility of installing renewable technologies such as biomass, solar & wind micro-generation.